Wednesday, 10 June 2009

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was a very basic digital camera, a Fujifilm Finepix A330. The camera I took photos of items I was selling on ebay. I must have taken 1,000's of photos using that camera. I was selling off my childrens outgrown clothes, videos, books, brik a brak, you name it, if it wasn't nailed down I took a picture of it and sold it.

I took my camera on a day out (June 9th 2005 to be exact). It was a fantastically beautiful day and Southbank in London was KICKING. Street performers, Skater boys and girls, graffiti artists, the London Eye, the River Thames. Amazing sunshine and a fun day to be had.
So, it was myself, my boys and my niece. all out on a day in town where we got wet in the Appearing Rooms, got run down by the BMX show off and got artistic with a cheap and cheerful camera.

I took some photos of things that were NOT for sale on ebay for once. The photos came out better than I expected they would and BAM. I had the point and click bug. And have never managed to shrug it off.

Now, I take my Canon EOS 400D absolutely everywhere I go. If I forget to take it, I kick myself because there is always something to take photo of. And I take photos of anything and everything.

The more I click, the more I learn, the more I like what happens.

So, here we have two of the photos that are my very first attempts at photography that is more than just for selling items on ebay. I owe a lot to these photos and to the rest of those I took that day.
I think I have come along in leaps and bounds, having learned a lot along the way, having a bit of a better camera to play with and knowing that I have only just peeked at the tip of the iceburg of what can be done with photography.
Here is to snapping, clicking, zooming and focusing.

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