Sunday, 14 June 2009


I often look at photos and think 'I WISH I had thought of that one!'. Some photographers just seem so OUT there. They have such imagination and creativity.

Well, I am nurturing myself to see as they do too. Or less as they do, but more as I do...but futuristacally. What I mean is, I think, I am nurturing my eyes to not only see things around me in more detail, to really see the things that are around me - that really I had missed most of my life even though everything is under my nose - but to take things that are around me and do things with them to change them a bit and then take a photo of them.

These photos are of some drinking glasses, food colouring mixed with water, and shot at angles that frankly made my neck ache! I had a very pretty cut glass perfume bottle (empty) that I did the red and black glass shot with.

For this next lot, I used a regular dinner fork and some frozen sweetcorn and just looked at them from a different angle than I usually would. I then dipped the fork into the water with the food colouring and took a couple more shots.

Very simple, but, in my opinion, very pretty and unusual pictures.

Now, what else can I shoot? Ooh, look! Some dust under my cabinet. Dust bunnies, you are so photogenic...


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