Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The future ain’t what it used to be.

The future ain’t what it used to be.

A funny saying that we have possibly all heard before – although I can’t for the life of me remember who originally said it. The wonder that is the Internet, just looked it up and it was Yogi Berra.

But it is also a saying that has suddenly taken on new meaning for me. My future most certainly isn’t what it used to be (at least my perceived future). My future has recently become full of potential. That potential has always been there, but not consciously accessible to me. By this I mean I hadn’t actually thought about my future in any ‘real’ way.

I can now see my current life ahead much clearer than I did, in that I know what I want to try to do with it and what I want to try to achieve and be, rather than just float along the top of my life, not really being IN it, not being part of it, and ending up at the end of it not really having had much to say about it. Not really making choices, but just bumping along. A bit like a twig in white water.

To use the gift of choice to do something with your life, to have a long term vision for your life creates a real sense of purpose. Let me flip that last phrase and see what that says - Your purpose from Creation becomes the reason for making conscious choices, which in turn requires you to have a long term vision for your life.

And...why not extend that vision to beyond your physical time here on earth? What about the bit of you that lives on after your body, soul, spirit, mind, electrics and magnetic all return to the sources of their arising?
The life that you have built and expanded on during your time here on Planet Earth, using the tools that were given to you (body, soul, spirit, mind, electrics and magnetics) needs it’s vision too and that vision needs to be as long as life itself. And by that I mean Life. That eternal, never-started (because it always was) never-ending (because life isn’t death) mesh that runs through everything, powering up the UniVerse to allow it to also expand and build and continue to fulfil its purpose.
So no. The future most certainly ain’t what it used to be. And thank goodness!