Friday, 11 September 2009

Town and Country

I am incredibly lucky. Well, I think so, anyway. I live in Enfield which is on the outskirts of London. Just within the M25, so definitely London, but drive a few minutes further North and you are already away from concrete, buildings and even better...people!

Fields, fields and more fields. Take a road or two off the main one leading from London and you can find yourself driving through bendy curvey pretty lanes.

So, I live in the best of both worlds. I can go out and live it up in Central London with its lights, dancing, pubs n clubs, museums, art galleries, the Thames, Big Ben, shopping and having fun. Or I can go out into the country side and lap up some silence, slow my pace down to chillax, sit in a field of rustling corn and pretend that work and noise and stress don't exist or walk about beautiful country lanes with my dogs.

Enfield itself is less bustley, obviously, thank Central London, it is quite quiet and I do live in a Cul de Sac so it is even quieter than other through roads. A large park sits just at the back of my house too, so again. I am lucky.

These pictures are some I took of some fields very near to me during this summer, just before they chopped the corn, or wheat or what ever the crops are, down. I will return in Winter time particular if we have snow this year. I reckon this area will look amazing covered in white!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Photos that others find interesting!

I have a Flickr account and I upload photos there all the time. I use it too for storage but also to get feedback. To be honest, the majority of the feedback is not of any great quality, I submit my photos to various groups and I receive awards from other Flickr users and I give out group awards too.

However, there are a few photographers there that do give their honest opinions and I do get some lovely personal messages from people who compliment my shots in more than just a 'Great Shot!' kind of way. I appreciate that immensely.

However, some of my shots really do get a lot of views and not simply because I have submitted them to groups. I submit most of them to groups and so theoretically they should all receive the same amount of awards/views. But they don't. Some get more than others and to be honest I think it is because they are my better shots overall.

So, these here in this blog entry are five of THE most viewed and commented on shots that I currently have on Flickr.