Thursday, 10 September 2009

Photos that others find interesting!

I have a Flickr account and I upload photos there all the time. I use it too for storage but also to get feedback. To be honest, the majority of the feedback is not of any great quality, I submit my photos to various groups and I receive awards from other Flickr users and I give out group awards too.

However, there are a few photographers there that do give their honest opinions and I do get some lovely personal messages from people who compliment my shots in more than just a 'Great Shot!' kind of way. I appreciate that immensely.

However, some of my shots really do get a lot of views and not simply because I have submitted them to groups. I submit most of them to groups and so theoretically they should all receive the same amount of awards/views. But they don't. Some get more than others and to be honest I think it is because they are my better shots overall.

So, these here in this blog entry are five of THE most viewed and commented on shots that I currently have on Flickr.

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