Sunday, 21 June 2009

Josiah's Confirmation

I am not a Church goer at all. I find it very hard to engage myself into the whole Church thing at all. However, interestingly, my youngest son really loves it. He goes with his Nana most Sundays and enjoys it a lot.

Who am I to stop him!

I ensure that he gets my mix of thoughts regarding religion and spirituality too, and he has an interest in all sorts of other religions. His best mates at school are all Muslim, his Dad Rastafarian tendencies and he has an open mind...for a 10 year old!

Anyway, he and his cousin were both confirmed at his Nana's Church of England last Sunday - St Bartholomew's near Stamford Hill. They looked so beautiful, she in a white lacy dress down to her toes and he in a full on suit and tie. They looked grown up and yet young and innocent.

The Bishop of Fulham confirmed them and he was really great. He spoke about growth, spiritual growing, and it was a positive and warm talk.

The rest was pretty formal, standing up and sitting down every couple of minutes, singing and looking pious and angelic!

Lots of food after and I think it all went very well. I was incredibly proud of my son. Well done, Josiah and good for you!

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