Saturday, 13 June 2009

And now for something completely different...

Well, actually not different, because still photography and photos. But I thought this post would show some of my most recent shots.
I try to take photos every day, but I do go out with one of my dogs at the weekend for an extra long walk and make sure that I take photos then. Rather difficult as my dogs are large (Akitas) and they don't want to stand stock still while I try to frame up a great shot!

It is HIGHLY frustrating when you have found something incredible, a lovely clouds in the sky, birds on the wing, children playing and you go to press the camera button spots a butterfly he wants to eat and you are pulled along to help him hunt it. ARGGHHH!

The moment is lost.

So really, when taking photos with dog in tow be prepared to have to delete the majority of your shots. They will be blurred, shots of the ground when you were aiming for the sky and basically unrecognisable.

To be honest, though, I like taking the dog with me. I sometimes feel a bit odd walking around taking photos of things. I feel self-conscious. I don't like people watching me or even glancing over at me. They tend to steer well clear of me when I am with a gynormous Akita. Believe me!

Anyway, these shots were taken last weekend when I took Lou, my youngest dog - 9 months old - out. Love him! Shots came out ok too!

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