Thursday, 3 December 2009

Rusty, Crusty, decay and abandonment


As I have probably already stated a lot of times on this blog, and will probably state again a few more times, photography has opened my eyes to see so many things that I had never noticed before. Mundane things like forks, buttons on machinery, light bulbs, mud and stones. These things have become suddenly incredibly interesting and strangely very very beautiful.

Blue Curls

One of the most gorgeous things that I would previously have thought of as ugly and not worth a second glance, is rust, crumbly flaky paint and abandoned items.

Sexy Hosiery

The many shadows and light play about them, the added colours that are created by long-term exposure to all sorts, the oddness of where they lie moldering....all make for fantastic photography opportunities!

Beach Wear

Nature taking back what belongs to her - changing things slowly but surely back to organic parts of herself. Shows natures patient ways, doesn't it?

In the Pink

One of my favourite areas for finding rust, decay and abandonment is on the beach of the Thames Southbank in London. I will do a seperate post for Southbank beach, because it is a subject all of its own.

The Curl

For this post, please do enjoy some shots I have taken over the last year of things that are rusty and crusty and crumbly and flaky.

Hampstead Heath Water 2

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